UCF celebrates Constitution Day September 16

Join UCF faculty and students for lunch and a conversation about the U.S. Constitution. Dr. Houman Sadri, associate professor of Political Science, will share his thoughts on the Constitution and how it shaped U.S. history and its influence on foreign affairs.
Time: 1-2 p.m
Location: Neptune Community, Building 158

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UCF Constitution Day Distinguished Speaker

Biography of Houman Sadri, Ph.D
associate professor of Political Science at UCF

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Constitution Day is September 17.
Constitution Day is an American Federal holiday that celebrates the U.S. Constitution. It is observed, annually, on September 17: the anniversary of the Constitutional Congress's final meeting when the Constitution was signed. UCF is proud to celebrate Constitution Day on Monday, September 17.

Did You Know?
Political parties are such a basic part of our political system today, that many people might assume the Constitution must at least mention parties in one way or another... but there is absolutely no mention of political parties anywhere in the Constitution. In fact, in the times of the Articles of Confederation, there weren't even any parties; factions, perhaps; regional blocs, yes; but no parties. Not until the Jackson and Van Buren administrations did organized parties really take hold in the American political system.